A Simple Request

A Simple Request

01. A Quest Received

In a small and out of the way field, deep within the forgotten realms, lay a town called Fallcrest. An unassuming place, where two Drow mercenaries had decided to make their resting place after some three months without work in the surrounding area. The duo, known as Roanin and Ahnkath, found that times had become desperate, and as such they leaped at the opportunity to make some coin working for a rather unassuming Cleric named Quinn. The man had taken it upon himself to help a merchant he had been traveling with named Taverus reclaim a box that had been stolen by goblins.

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“I scouted out the cave that the vile creatures have made their home in, but I could not penetrate it… Chased off by scouts. It clearly will require much more might than I myself have to complete my quest.” The man impressed upon the two mercenaries. The promise of gold to strain their purse strings of course sealed the deal, and the newly formed trio made their way back to the hole in the hills, staring deep into the abyss, preparing to venture deep into its bowls and bring forth the sought after box.

Before they could even descend into the stronghold, the party found themselves surprised by the goblin’s scouts, aided by a pair of wolves. The very same that gave Quinn pause to enter on his first trip. The team stole themselves for a fight, and it wasn’t long before Roanin and Ahnkath proved themselves worth their pay. With skill and grace, they made quick work of the opposition. The way was now clear to siege the dungeon, but not before Ahnkath spent some time carving up the dead for trophies and ruined bits of ‘pelt’.

02. A Foe For Every Room

As the trio made their way through the ever deepening chasm of a temple, they faced foes in every room they entered. Some goblin, others beast. Every new foe bringing light to the skill of the enlisted mercs, and proving Quinn to be as useless a warrior as he seemed. He did however, serve a vital role in keeping the other two alive through their reckless headlong assaults against increasingly dismal odds.

White Dragon

Eventually, they met an elder white dragon who’s size and intimidating presence warned them that fighting would probably get them killed. Though its aim was to intimidate, the group instead convinced the behemoth to strike a deal for free passage through his home, in return for ridding the place of the necromancer who had taken up residence at the bottom, and incidentally was responsible for all the dangers they had faced till now. The dragon informed them that his name was Malareth, and he was not a force to be taken lightly.

Deeper and deeper they tread into the belly of the beast, whereupon they even met a man who aided them in exchange for their mercy and a magical healing potion. He told them exactly where they could find Malareth, and warned them not to enter the adjacent room as it was trapped and filled with his minions. Better to go straight to the source of the problem and be done with it. Though treachery crossed their minds, Quinn helped convince Roanin and Ahnkath to let the man go, allowing him to live to fight another day. The two refused to heed his advice however, and enter the adjacent room anyway…

03. The Price Of Hubris


As they had before, the party entered the room and immediately engaged their foes. But this time, there was a twist. And that twist was the seven foot tall Bugbear wielding a lifedrinker axe. The fierce foe attacked with a mighty rage, and beat back the adventurers with such little effort! Roanin and Ahnkath attempted to form a strategy to defeat the enemy, Quinn took it upon himself to distract it. He bought them the time they needed, but it cost him the ultimate sacrifice… Beaten and bloodied, when the Bugbear rose it’s battle axe above it’s head and readied it’s final blow, the Cleric could do nothing but look up in defeat, as the heavy blade cleft his feeble body in twain, from scalp to feet, the man was no more that two chunks of bloodied meat.

The Drow brothers in arms, enraged by this sight, summoned up all their strength and courage, and ended the life of the Bugbear once and for all, Roanin taking the heavy axe for his own, as a reminder of the trial they had overcome. Ahnkath also kept a memento to remind him of their short lived friendship with Quinn, taking the holy symbol from his pocket and placing it around his own neck. This was no longer about money. It was personal now. Malareth would die by their hands, and their Cleric companions soul would be laid to rest.

04. A Quest Complete

Roanin kicked in the door to the necromancer’s room, and Ahnkath immediately hurled a poisoned dagger at Malareth, striking him and causing a furious screech of attack to be hurled back, his minions beginning to lumber out of the darkness of the dimly lit room and advance on the two. Considering all that they had been forced to wade through to get to this point, this much seemed simple. The living corpses were easily dispatched of, Malareth was poisoned to death, and even his giant construct of animated rotting flesh was brought down under their combined efforts.

There, on the table that Malareth had been working at, sat a small ornate box. Within that box the two remaining adventurers discovered a small skull that Ahnkath sensed evil magic within. They took the box that was clearly the artifact that they had been sent to retrieve and left the dungeon, briefly letting the dragon know that his home had been cleared of it’s pest infestation.

The two returned to Taverus with his box in hand, and demanded to know his involvement with the evil artifact. He stated that he was on a mission to destroy it before it’s evil could be tapped into, and the Drow partners declared that they would join him the rest of the way to make sure that their short lived friendship with Quinn was not in vain. Taverus agreed to these terms, and the trio set off to find White Chapel.

A Simple Request

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