To Purify Darkness

To Purify Darkness

01. The White Chapel

After making the days travel from Fallcrest, the mercenary pair make their way White Chapel along with Taverus, where they hope to destroy the evil necromantic skull they recovered for their departed friend Quinn. The trip was uneventful, and soon they were upon the grand looking building. Taverus was greeted with open arms, however, the two Paladins who stood guard at the entrance were wary of Drow, believing them to be predisposed to evil, and demanded a tribute of gold to their church to prove their piousness. After some reluctance (and plotting to steal back their money) they agreed, and entered the Chapel with caution.

Upon entering the monastery, it becomes clear that it is no ordinary holy place. No markings or scriptures or statues or anything that indicated that this place was anything other than a really new looking cleaned out ruin. Taverus explains to his guests that the temple is a very special place, built on a well of divine energy, and that those who live here devote their lives to the sealing and/or destruction of evil artifacts. Monks of Pelor fill it’s halls, but otherwise it seems innocuous.

Taverus mentions that they are looking for the high monk who will determine the best way to deal with the artifact. He explains that the man makes his way through the halls during the day, praying in different rooms to keep the land holy and pure, and as such, he will have to search the building to find him. He suggests that they wait here while he looks for him, and to try and take in the serenity of the area. They agree and Taverus leaves them.

While they’re waiting, a minotaur druid named Uovana approaches them from one of the many archways, and tells them she’s been watching them ever since they entered. They seem trustworthy enough, and by trustworthy, she means, they don’t look at all like they’re in the right place with these Pelor worshipers. She asks them for their aid in investigating something strange about this place. Citing that things just don’t seem to add up in her books. With no better plan in mind, the two Drow agree to her terms and follow her.

02. The Paladin and the Prisoner

They find Zorg, a halfling rogue who is almost through picking the lock on the only locked door in the building. Brief introductions are swapped, and Zorg breaks through the lock, letting them inside the room.

Upon entering, they find a Goliath named Maverith, stripped buck naked and tied to a wall in chains. He slowly raises his head and stares at the party. “Your methods of torture will continue to be ineffective upon me.” He says simple, his eyes narrowed and his muscles bulging as he leans forward in his restraints. Before anybody can respond, a Paladin enters and stares at the group. He draws his blade, and they are forced to defend themselves from him and some of the temple’s Monks.

The fight goes in their favor, and Maverith is freed during the fray. They kill the monks and severely wound the paladin who escapes. The Goliath explains briefly that he came to this place to end the dark rituals that were being performed there, and that they had little time before the sect achieved their goals. Somebody hands him some cloth from a tapestry and he fashions a loin cloth out of it.

03. Holy Ground Tainted

The group followed the trail of blood left by the Paladin, fighting their way though another group of Monks who attempt to slow them down. They continue to follow the path along until they reach a big set of doors. For the first time since entering the building, they notice that these doors are very regal looking. Gold plating, solid oak, ornate handles etc… Also, they have depictions of religious figures which have been missing from the entire place up until now. Roanin immediately recognizes these markings as depictions of Orcus and his followers, causing him to become filled with hatred and a burning desire to kill everyone within the room. Ahnkath convinces him to let the group attempt to be subtle first, and he and Zorg sneak across the room and listen in on the chanting and such of the dark cult that surrounds the skull that they had retrieved. Soon, a demon begins to emerge from the skull, and the party begins their assault on the cultists. Taverus begins to shout orders to stop them from interfering, and the demon breaks free from the skull.

The group enter a harrowing battle with the demon, whilst dealing with a number of the cultists, and eventually they fell the great beast. Before they can turn to the remaining members of the order and demand an explanation however, it rises once more with a brilliant bolt of green arcing from the skull and returns to it’s assaulting Ahnkath & Zorg. Uvana manages to make it to the center of the room, and cracks the skull with her mace.

Taverus shouts at them for destroying the demon between worlds, and cries out that all of creation is doomed. The demon had to be brought to this world to trap and destroy it, but they cracked the conduit. Before he can say anything else, the skull floats into the air, cracks appearing all over it as it does so. There is a flash of blinding light, and then…

The party awakens in an empty field… They can’t determine where they are, as nobody recognizes the area.

To Purify Darkness

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